Now that you have your “phrase/ affirmation” it’s time to get creative. Language is just a pointer to describe objects, persons, places and experiences. The real language of the mind is symbols. It’s time to turn your affirmations into symbols to cause change and open the way to success.
1. Take all the letters and scramble them up.
2.Use your intuition and start to remove letters until you have a string that feels right.
3. Start to turn the letters into a symbol. Make sure your symbol feels right. If it doesn’t keep tweaking it until it does. If it does leave it as it is. You don’t have to be a talented artist to do this. If you end up with a squiggly line that feels right it will work.
4. Every day look at your symbol and get creative with it. If you work out hold it in your mind when you do intense exercises. If you run hold it in your mind and sprint. Project it into your coffee in the morning every time you take a sip. Put it on a post it and stick it to the mirror in the bathroom and project it on to yourself. Engage your imagination and experiment do anything and everything you can think of with your symbol. Changes will happen, don’t take my word for do it and see for yourself!
It is well known that repeating affirmations rarely works however there is a powerful way to make positive affirmations actually work for you. This technique is meant to be used for one goal at a time, that being said you can do as many of them as you like separately.
1. Write out what you want (for instance confidence) as if you have already achieved it in as much detail as possible, engage all five senses seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling. Write with imagination as if you are actually living this. Imagination is powerful, the computer or phone you are on now was just an imagined idea before the creators brought it into being.
2. Condense what you have wrote into a paragraph using your powerful imagination and senses.
3. Condense this into a sentence.
4. Condense it into a phrase or affirmation. What happens in every time you say it your mind will automatically associate to what you wrote down.Your brain cannot tell the difference between something that’s real and whether you are just imagining it. This is a great way to make your affirmations work and get results. Remember to have fun with this stuff and that we all have the ability to change our minds. I will give another step to this process in my next blog that will take it to another level.. Stay tuned!